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The group of 3D Mesoscopic Systems | Led by Dr. Robert Kirchner since 2017 within the framework of a DFG Heisenberg Fellowship, we are located at the Technische Universität Dresden (TU Dresden) in Germany. We are integrated into the Institute of Semiconductors and Microsystems and collaborate very closely with the Chair of Microsystems Technology and the Chair of Semiconductor Technology by using their laboratories and equipment.


Disruptive technology provider | We want to provide disruptive and sustainable 3D technologies for the future of mankind.


Advance 3D technology and knowledge for next generations | We advance micro- and nanofabrication technology, provide innovative solutions for future mesoscopic (micro+nano) systems, and generate expert knowledge. We combine materials in creative ways and control their properties by new concepts for current and next generation applications.

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Current Projects

M3SR | Mesoscopic 3D-structure formation via controlled viscous reconfiguration
  • Visco-elastic reflow under confinement
  • Heterogeneous thermoplastic materials
  • Computationally cheap simulation (e.g. soap film concepts)
  • Self-assembly for defined and controlled 3D geometries
FUNDING: DFG Heisenberg Fellowship (Grant #326062881)
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Dr. Robert Kirchner

Head of group

DFG Heisenberg Fellows since 2017, focusing on micro-nano-origami methods, 3D MEMS/NEMS, self-assembly, and advanced 3D patterning.

Ye Yu, Ph.D.


Humboldt-Alumni, focusing on micro-/nanofabrication, nanosphere lithography, photonics, and plasmonics

Dr. Andreas Voigt

Senior Scientist

mechanical modeling / FEM simulation of microstructure self-assembly, modeling of hydrogel-based micofluidics, simulations employing numerical implementations

M.Eng. Ran Zhang

PhD student

Doctoral student from 2018 at IHM TU Dresden. His research interests focus on the development of 3D-folding structures on MEMS.

Dipl.-Ing. Jianran Zhang

Research associate

Research associate since 2019 with strong interest in 2D material device integration.

B.E. Leo Sahaya Daphne Antony

Master student

Enrolled student of M.Sc. NES, TU Dresden. Involved in nanoimprint lithography, 2D materials and MEMS origami.

B.Sc. Saranya Ramasamy Subbiah

Master student

Enrolled student of M.Sc. NES, TU Dresden. Focusing on plasmonic particle detection

Souha Toukabri


Guest student and IAESTE Intern, TU Dresden. Focusing on multimaterial 3D printer design


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Mierdel-Bau, Room 301
Nöthnitzer Straße 64, Dresden, 01187.


+49 351 463-39897


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