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New group member for PlasCode
Ye Yu (Ph.D.) started as new postdoc on September 1st, 2019 bringing her expertise in nanofabrication and plasmonics to the group, and the just started PlasCode project. This project focuses on the robust detection of plasmonic mesoscopic particles during dynamic and confined movement.

(c) R. Kirchner (c) Y. Yu

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Special Issue 3D Lithography
The capability to fabricate 3-dimensional free-form micro-nano-optical elements in high volume manufacturing is becoming a core competence for mobile applications and augmented reality, for example. The Special Issue 3D Lithography, guest edited by Dr. Robert Kirchner (TU Dresden) and Prof. Jun Taniguchi (Tokyo University of Science) for the Journal Advanced Optical Technologies, summarizes recent technologies in this field and provides a view on current trends.

Special Issue 3D lithography
Editorial (Open Access)

(c) Advanced Optical Technologies (de Gruyter)

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New group member
We welcome M.Eng. Jianran Zhang, as the latest group member, to support our activities in multi-functional mesoscopic systems. Jianran has a strong background in semiconductor fabrication and materials with a particular focus on beyond CMOS technologies.

Picture and AFM (c) Jianran Zhang / imec

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M3SR group cooperation with India (IIS / CeNSE)
We will contribute to a recently started cooperation focusing on joint research and education initiatives in the field of biophysics and nanotechnology between TU Dresden and the Indian Institute of Science (IISc). Together with other groups at TU Dresden and the Center for Nano Science and Engineering (CeNSE) at IISc, the M3SR group will explore new collaborations in the field of soft active matter and smart microsystems.

CeNSE website

TU Dresden press release

Picture (c) Hans-Georg-Braun

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Single-digit height grayscale lithography
Together with colleagues V. A. Guzenko and H. Schift at Paul Scherrer Institute (Switzerland), R. Kirchner published an article on the latest achievements in reducing the vertical resolution in multi-level resist patterns to below 6-nm by using electron beam grayscale lithography. This achievement demonstrates the ability for writing ultra-high precision diffractive optical elements (DOEs) for applications, e.g., in the emerging industrial field of virtual and augmented reality.

The work has been published in Advanced Optical Technologies.

Journal (Open Access)

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Student project on multi-material 3D printing successful
Congratulations to Yuan Gao for successfully defending his research project on multi-material 3D printing.

Picture (c) Yuan Gao

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Student graphene project successful
L.S.D. Antony successfully finished her project work on high-resolution patterning of monolayer graphene sheets using nanoimprint lithography. The detailed AFM scan shows a patterned graphene monolayer with about 230 nm hole diameter and about 460 nm hole pitch.

AFM (c) S. Völkel and C. Strobel

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MESO3D group website launched
Today we launched our group website for providing the latest information on our research activities, projects, and group developments. Enjoy exploring the new site.

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Review published in MSSP
Helmut Schift (Polymer Nanotechnology, Paul Scherrer Institute) and Robert Kirchner (3D Mesoscopic Systems, TU Dresden) published a review on advanced polymer reflow in the Materials Science in Semiconductor Processing Journal (Elsevier). The article summarizes breakthrough results of the last years and features basic understanding as well as tutorial aspects of polymer reflow. The focus is on the modification of the glass transition temperature of polymers using highly energetic particles. With the described methods, micro-optical elements become possible that are challenging to achieve with any other approach in a comparable precision.


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International Workshop "ad3pa18"
This year from October 4th to 5th, academia and industry will meet in Dresden for the second time to discuss the latest and future developments in 3D patterning from the macro- to the nano-scale. The International Workshop on Advanced 3D Patterning (ad3pa) is financially supported by the German Research Foundation (DFG). This event is organized by Robert Kirchner (3D Mesoscopic Systems, TU Dresden) and attracted about 60 participants in 2017.